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A New Year!

Posted by Debby on 4th January in Teaching and Learning

January 2012 marks a new year, a new path, and many new adventures ahead. I wonder what places I’ll go?

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Thinking About Teaching

Posted by Debby on 14th December in Teaching and Learning

As often happens, I was thinking about writing, but didn’t have a specific topic, so I turned to Twitter for inspiration. Lo and behold, about three posts down, I came across this:     Which led me to this:   http://jordancampbell.wordpress.com/2011/12/14/thinking-about-teaching/   Well, there’s good news and there’s bad news. The good news is that […]

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To snack or not to snack…

Posted by Debby on 5th December in Teaching and Learning

A Sacramento State University professor has been requiring his students to bring snacks to class for nearly 30 years. If they forget, he skips class and they miss out on instruction for the day. It isn’t because he is hungry. It’s because he makes the observation that students who are more connected to each other […]

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6 Favorite Teaching Online Activities by Lindsay Clandfield

Posted by Debby on 20th November in Teaching and Learning

I often come across great teaching tips via Twitter and today was no exception. As is often the case, someone posted something about something that someone else posted, and eventually it ended up in my Twitter stream for me to share with someone else (did you follow that?). That’s pretty much how this networking stuff works. The value is in the network you build up and in the contributions that you make back to others.

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Why American Students Are Not Leading the Way in Tech

Posted by Debby on 13th November in Teaching and Learning

One of the co-founders for Picture Me In Computing recently posted a blog about her observations on why we are having such a hard time getting students interested in computer science degrees. She thinks that we are neglecting to introduce K12 students to the building blocks needed for them to be successful later on in college majors. Is there something that can be done about that? She said:

“My challenge to you [educators] is to think of the world that our students will be working in, and ask yourself whether we should be preparing our children only for assessments, or if we should be preparing them for life-long success.”

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Picture Me in Computing

Posted by Debby on 8th November in Teaching and Learning

Tomorrow is the annual Picture Me in Computing day, where women geeks across the world take pictures of themselves working in technology fields to share with girls who might not otherwise consider a career in computing. The Computer Science Teachers Association posted a letter from one of the event founders, Kiki Prottsman, that is worth sharing […]

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perspective on learning

Posted by Debby on 23rd September in Teaching and Learning

When we think about how it is that we “teach” students, we should take into consideration how it is that they really “learn”. Is it by listening to lectures and taking pages of notes? Or is it by becoming curious, engaged and motivated in a learning environment that facilitates the construction of their own knowledge? What does […]

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Posted by Debby on 21st September in Teaching and Learning

Study without desire spoils the memory, and it retains nothing that it takes in. ~Leonardo da Vinci Italian engineer, painter, & sculptor (1452 – 1519) 0Print PDF

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