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Another semester ends

Posted by Debby on 15th December in Teaching and Learning

<sigh> Last night of class is always my least favorite, especially after a good semester. I was very nervous starting this one out, about getting back in the f2f saddle after several semesters away, but it was a ton of fun. Every class has a personality, and this class had LOTS of personality. So many […]

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Posted by Debby on 3rd December in Teaching and Learning

I get to go to CUE! It’s one of my favorite conferences. They accepted my presentation idea so that means the registration is waived. I just need to figure out a place to stay and a food budget and I’m on my way 🙂  Here’s the 100 word abstract:  How do you manage discussions in large […]

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STEMinist Profile

Posted by Debby on 24th April in Teaching and Learning

Gotta admit, it was sort of cool to be profiled on the STEMinist site 🙂 The funny thing is that I didn’t realize the interview had published until I read about it today in the Post University newsletter that gets sent out every couple of weeks. How they picked it up, I have no idea! […]

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Informal vs Formal Learning

Posted by Debby on 19th March in Teaching and Learning

One of the students in my EDU 520 class included this in his discussion of formal vs informal learning. I think he nailed it quite well! Therefore, it stands to reason that the objective of formal learning institutions is to teach individuals HOW to learn so they can move from a formal learning structure to […]

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“Teaching Isn’t Really a Profession”

Posted by Debby on 17th February in Teaching and Learning

In his blog post of the same title, Tom Whitby expresses a frustration felt by many teachers I know – the prevalent misconception that teaching is not a “real” profession. You know the old saying “those that can, do; those that can’t, teach“.  There are SO many common stereotypes about teachers. We have become the public punching bag […]

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Technology and the Art of Teaching

Posted by Debby on 14th February in Teaching and Learning

I came across a post today called “A Tech Happy Professor Reboots“, originally published in the Chronicle of Higher Education. It touched upon some themes I find myself thinking about often: the role of technology in the classroom and the art of teaching. The Role of Technology Michael Wesch, a professor at Kansas State University, […]

the purpose of education

Posted by Debby on 24th January in Teaching and Learning

    I got into a chat today that paralleled an ongoing conversation I’ve been having with someone else. As we were talking, I mentioned that I think most ed reformers missing out on asking a critical question, one that, when I first read it on a recent blog post, made me say “Yeah, that’s […]

20 Ways Teachers Are Using Legos in the Classroom

Posted by Debby on 5th January in Teaching and Learning

I guess you could call me a late convert to the LEGO bandwagon. I didn’t really play with LEGOs when I was a kid. Don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t a dolly type of girl either. I was just more interested in horses and dogs than I was in building stuff. I’ve never been great […]

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