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Social Media is what YOU make of it

Posted by Debby on 18th November in Social Media

I am a creature of habit. I usually wake up every morning well before my mad scientist so I reach for the iPhone plugged in by the bed. After a quick check of email I always turn to Facebook to see what’s going on in the world. Facebook? Yes, Facebook. I don’t flip on the […]

a new twitter junkie!

Posted by Debby on 6th June in Social Media

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social contacts

Posted by Debby on 20th August in Social Media

I am always amazed at how social media brings together people from all walks of life. Just the other day I was watching a TED talk on this topic called How social media can make history. The premise of the talk was that news has gone from the realm of the “one” talking to the […]

re-enabling our abilities

Posted by Debby on 28th March in Social Media

Several months ago I read with interest an article in The Atlantic that lamented the effect that the Internet (represented by Google) had on reading, learning, and thinking. There were many good points. I, too, have felt the effects of years of web work on my ability to focus on long sections of text. I […]

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content or conversation?

Posted by Debby on 26th July in Social Media

I like the way Steve Hargadon writes and develops his ideas. This morning he took a look at the Web and shared some thoughts about what it is all about. I’ve always said that teaching students to be fluent online isn’t about making web pages or learning databases. It’s the language that is used to […]

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favorite tweets

Posted by Debby on 10th May in Social Media

On twitter, you can save posts you especially like to a favorites list. Here are some that have caught my attention recently. 0Print PDF

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tweet for help

Posted by Debby on 8th May in Social Media

I got an email tonight asking for approval of a computer literacy course outline revision. I’m slated to teach a section of this class in the fall. In past discussions, I’ve expressed a strong opinion that this class should focus on basic concepts and not specific software, something that has been just as strongly opposed. […]

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the list

Posted by Debby on 17th April in Social Media

I’ve been playing around with a lot of 2.0 toys lately, trying to wrap my brain around new and interesting ways I could use these in my classes to connect students to each other and to a larger network outside of the classroom. Every time something new comes along I try it out because I […]

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