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Your Anti-Social Media Rant Reveals Too Much About Your Friends

Posted by Debby on 11th December in Social Media

The Atlantic posted an opinion piece that nicely responds to people who complain about social media. This is pretty much what I say to people who whine that social media is full of mediocre, meaningless crap. What you see is what you cultivate. If all you see is garbage, that says a lot about your […]

So many sites, so little time!

Posted by Debby on 13th April in Social Media

I was recently asked to recommend four social networks for educators. There are so many different sites out there, with new ones popping up all over the place. How do you decide where to invest your already limited amount of time? Here’s how I responded: What networks to check out depends a lot on what […]

Social Media and Mobile Technology

Posted by Debby on 12th April in Social Media

I have been a member of a small charter school board since 2008. It’s interesting that we had a discussion last night at the board meeting about social media and mobile technology and then this morning one of my education newsletters linked to an article called “‘Banning Is Not the Answer’ to Mobile and Social […]

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Happy Birthday Twitter!

Posted by Debby on 22nd March in Social Media

I joined Twitter on July 30, 2007. At the time, Twitter was a little over a year old and I thought it was really dumb. What did I care about what other people were doing? Who had time for that, anyhow? I did it because a friend told me to, but I didn’t see any […]

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888 days

Posted by Debby on 21st March in Social Media

Saw this from a former CSCI101 student today. I know a lot of students try out Twitter kickin’ and screamin’ all the way. They don’t “get” it. Those are usually the ones who never actually ENGAGE in it. It’s always sort of cool to see someone who has jumped in and found it a valuable […]

Why Educators Use Twitter

Posted by Debby on 17th March in Social Media

This is an example of crowdsourcing information. This happens quite frequently on Twitter actually. Toss out a question and see what the responses are. I’ve done this a bunch of times and usually get great results. Sue was gathering information about why educators use Twitter and how it helps them. She asked for responses with […]

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cool, huh?

Posted by Debby on 16th December in Social Media

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What are the pros and cons of having teachers use Facebook with students?

Posted by Debby on 15th December in Social Media

In October, a Pepperdine colleague of mine asked this question via Facebook Questions. There were several responses, including one that said her “general opinion about students and teachers being friends on Facebook is pretty similar to my opinion about students and teachers sleeping together: not if you’re currently in his/her class or if you plan […]

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