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CES 2013

Posted by Debby on 20th January in Cool Tech

For several years now I have had a pass to the exhibition halls at the Consumer Electronics Show. This is the largest show of it’s type in the world and a total geekfest. Major companies use this event to launch new innovations and start-ups use it to get their foot in the door. It is […]

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#Linux is an operating system that basically acts as a platform for your computer…

Posted by Debby on 19th August in Cool Tech

Reshared post from +Linux News Here #Linux is an operating system that basically acts as a platform for your computer to run on. Despite #Linux having advanced capabilities than other operating systems, #Linux is not as widely used as its peers Windows, Mac OS X and Android. However, IT geeks and technicians are becoming increasingly […]

Tech comes, tech goes

Posted by Debby on 20th April in Cool Tech

I guess that’s the nature of the beast, eh? One of my favorite sites closed up shop last night at midnight. I used it almost daily over the past several years for major and minor photo editing. It was perfect for doing quick edits on screen shots that I sent to students or used on […]

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Posted by Debby on 28th November in Cool Tech

Using my network connections today to gather some information that I’ve been curious about. Tools like Twitter, Facebook, and Google Docs makes it easy to do a quick survey to find out information. Just about every time I’ve done this, I’ve come up with great responses in a short period of time. I wonder what I’ll learn now?

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Posted by Debby on 21st October in Cool Tech

Tonight my 8 year old son, looking at this ancient digital camera, said to his 10 year old sister “this camera is ‘floppy disk’ old. that’s old. that’s mom’s age!” 0Print PDF

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the list

Posted by Debby on 17th April in Cool Tech

I’ve been playing around with a lot of 2.0 toys lately, trying to wrap my brain around new and interesting ways I could use these in my classes to connect students to each other and to a larger network outside of the classroom. Every time something new comes along I try it out because I […]


Posted by Debby on 20th March in Cool Tech

In case it wasn’t clear… I have an iPhone. The lines are blurring between communication spaces and I envision a time when communication by any medium will be transparent and ubiquitous. How freakin’ cool is that? So far, I think my favorite feature is the text messaging threaded into conversations. What an awesome way to […]

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~tech wow~

Posted by Debby on 20th March in Cool Tech

I am posting this from my new iPhone! There are still a lot of things I need to figure out, like how to type on this better, but the UI is nothing short of amazing! I haven’t been this excited about a new technology like this since I discovered all of the cool ways you […]

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