Pass the fist, please

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I received this email from a student in the class that started last week:



My response:


I have sent out 4 or 5 emails, starting the week before classes began, using this email address. Because I had no response from you on any of those and you had not logged into the class during the first week, you were dropped from the roster.

Prof Kurti

And the comments rolled in…

RichardG: MeanieHead
February 19 at 3:04pm

DebbyK: Yeah, I know. If he had written a reasonably composed email with correct spelling, etc, I’d consider re-adding him. At least get my name right. As it is, this looks like too much work.
February 19 at 3:05pm

JennyT: So many things wrong with that request.
February 19 at 3:06pm via mobile

LizzB: I laughed out loud. This is true I did. Lol
February 19 at 3:09pm via mobile

DebbyK: Richard – I did let everyone on the waitlist into the class. That should earn me at least a couple of good karma points
February 19 at 3:14pm

LizzB: I’m sorry but after my crap-oh-la-la-la day that just keeps making me laugh an I have read it like 5 times. All I keep coming up with are really good campaign slogans for why your children should read more and text less… Etc. but seriously I would so save that for a rainy day when I needed another good laugh.
February 19 at 3:17pm via mobile

RichardG: Nope. No karma points, just sucker points. You have probably devastated his self image. (Or at least it will devastate him when someone translates your reply into his native tongue).
February 19 at 3:18pm

AnnamarieC: My question is how did this person get accepted into any higher insitution? I don’t accept that from my middle school students!
February 19 at 3:20pm

BenjaminC: ^by law, almost everyone must be accepted at a California Community College.
February 19 at 3:21pm

AnnamarieC: aaaahhhh… California liberals LOL!!
February 19 at 3:27pm

DebbyK: Great. Now he’s responding:

“I didnt receive any of the text that you sent , the first one was yesterday,thats why I’m responding. I was trying to log-in and was unable to get pass the fist page ,thats when I decided to text. Would you add me into your class.”

Maybe he should stop looking at his phone for txt messages and check his email. What would you all do? Let him back in?
February 19 at 3:29pm

AnnamarieC: sure… when he can explain how “pass the fist” has anything to do with you or the course… LOL. If he would have tried to log in on time, then he would have emailed/texted you sooner… this is damage control and poor damage control at that.
February 19 at 3:36pm

AnnamarieC: or is this a self defense class?
February 19 at 3:35pm

DebbyK: oh wow… I didn’t even catch that lol
February 19 at 3:36pm

KandiS: Wow! Thats all I have to say at the moment
February 19 at 3:36pm via mobile

TamaraD: Meh, let him back in. Based on his responses so far you’ll be dropping him again soon.
February 19 at 3:38pm

RichardG: First, you didn’t send texts. Second, if he can’t communicate in coherent sentences, he should re-enroll when he can. Tell him “Sorry, better luck next semester.”
February 19 at 3:41pm

JohnA: Add him to English 50 while you are at it.
February 19 at 3:42pm via mobile

RichardG: You could tell him that your class has reached it’s maximum stupidity level.
February 19 at 3:44pm

GraceM: Oh, Ms, Kerti, fist, how can you be so mean; 2. i really didn’t get ur texts; and c. i could not get pass the log-in…..
February 19 at 4:09pm

LizzB: I just can’t stop laughing – I’m going to pee my pants!!!! Lol. Hahahahaha
February 19 at 4:15pm via mobile

CindyH: I will have to take my teaching tips from you. Now I am scared working with K-12 on Math & English – What are you teaching?
February 19 at 4:22pm

DebbyK: This is a college level computer information systems class.
February 19 at 4:23pm

CindyH: WOW – wish me luck with underprividledged and underaccomplished children. I am so excited to get my students but I will be praying for guidance and patience.
February 19 at 4:25pm

DebbyK: Where are you going to be working?
February 19 at 4:29pm

SavannahH: Something tells me if it took him a month to get past the “fist log in page,” maybe he is in need of a intro to computers class in addition to an English class.
February 19 at 4:30pm

KaraK: I receive an average of four of these per class. Your response was even more polite than I can manage most days!
February 19 at 4:37pm via mobile

DannaR: First lesson: syntax is crucial when dealing with computers and with computer professors.
February 19 at 4:38pm via mobile

LyndaE: I would say better luck next time dude.
February 19 at 5:22pm

CindyH: I will be tutoring K-12 in Banning and Beaumont for the SES program in Math and English. I get my students at the end of the week… I am soooo excited.
February 19 at 5:36pm

MargoT: Wow. Just wow. I’m with the others – this person is clearly not the sharpest pencil in the box and had he/she checked e-mail, would know how to log in. I would text back explaining that you send log-in info by E-MAIL and that they should try again next semester and be sure to check e-mail for the log-in code & other instructions.
February 19 at 6:08pm

DougL: u. r. OSEM “mrs. kerti!”
February 19 at 6:50pm via mobile

DebbyK: Danna – especially computer professors who have an undergraduate degree in linguistics and English!
February 19 at 8:29pm

KoreyK: Perhaps your class should be labeled English Level 1 prerequisite. As well as Intro to Computers.
February 19 at 8:31pm via mobile

KoreyK: Honestly, at this point you did him a favor by dropping him. Now he won’t earn an F from you. With his apparent abilities and starting late, therefore behind, not sure he would ever catch up.
February 19 at 8:34pm via mobile

DawnR: Is/was their email verified? Yaaaah on the text speeeek… Occasionally drives me nuts when I see former k-1 students, talking on FB. ( I just know they had mastered sentences and proper use of Capitol I…)
February 19 at 8:39pm via mobile

JanH: If you are 18 and breathing, you can start at community college, but you do have to take an assessment test to be placed in classes that earn actual college credits. I notice that his spelling has moved beyond one-vowel words when he is pleading his case. Please help him pass the fist.
February 19 at 8:53pm

RondaE: So kind of you to drop instead of allowing them to fail.
February 19 at 9:17pm

AngelaD: That is pretty unbelievable…i am sorry for the stuff you have to put up with.
February 19 at 9:48pm

TaraA: I couldn’t see adding them back at this point. Most people would have contacted IT if they were having that much trouble logging in within the first week of school. At this point it just comes off as an excuse.
February 19 at 11:39pm

AliS: Jan! You are so funny! I thought Debby got a few of these for every class?? I remember last year her commenting on another student. What is this class for?
February 20 at 6:15am via mobile

DebbyK: I get a couple of these each semester, and occasionally even from a grad student. This is a transfer level class. You need to be able to communicate, regardless of the subject!
February 20 at 6:19am via mobile

CoriB: This was something that always frustrated me in my Photoshop (digital imaging w ps) and Illustrator (illustration and design w ill) class. In both you had to do critiques of your work, the point being that you were learning to look at your designs with a critical eye for design. Boy howdy did the students HATE that! They didn’t understand how come “software” classes were trying to teach them to be designers/artists. Hmmmm… uh, perhaps read the class description?

I get that English may not be someone’s first language, I had students from outside the U.S., and several from different countries, but as you point out Debby, ‘you need to be able to communicate, regardless of the subject!’ I also had suggested that perhaps there be a prerequisite assessment, or readiness review course before certain classes.

If as educators (and I am speaking of the system here, not individuals) continue to allow students to enter courses for which they are woefully unprepared, then you are going to continually have high levels of drops, withdrawals, poor performance, and worst of all… dissatisfied students who give poor reviews and share that poor opinion with others via word of mouth or online.
February 20 at 11:37am via mobile

CoriB: Oh, and now that I wrote that monstrosity Debby, I would think about CC Online’s instructions to students as well. Does it not *clearly* indicate to students to check their E-MAIL for information from instructors?

I know I’ve been away for a while, but I’m pretty sure you guys still have some protocol’s in place from CC Online that you could use to back up your case for dropping him. If it indicates that he should be expecting e-mail communication from you, then it is HIS fault for not reading and clearly following the instructions, and now trying to plead and excuse his way back into class.

Teach him a lesson in responsibility. Let the drop stand. Unless there is some other outstanding critical need he has (like financial aid, or he will lose other benefits or status from not having the credits), I would let it stand. Don’t forget…he could have also contacted YOU the day *after* class started when he *couldn’t* get in. Just my 2pennies
February 20 at 11:46am via mobile

CoriB: Boy…I can’t write anything short today, can I? :^p
February 20 at 11:47am via mobile

DebbyK: lol… well said. I did not let him in. I haven’t taught for CC for several semesters now, but in general, the protocol is to look for emails from the prof. You would think if the class started on a Monday and you didn’t hear anything, you would call the college or make initial contact yourself. Initiative and responsibility. What a concept!
February 20 at 11:56am

CoriB: Oh! You’re at Victor Valley now! Now how did I miss that?! Well I’m sure they are missing you at CCCC!! But they got a GREAT instructor for Victor Valley
February 20 at 11:59am via mobile

DawnH: oh yeah…that’s MY life!!! ugh!! can u pls stop REminding Me that STudents do NOT no how to right? lmbo!!!
February 20 at 8:18pm

DawnH: “maximum stupidity level” my favorite!!!
February 20 at 8:20pm