blog points

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So much to process through writing – so little time to let it all filter through. Seems like my life is perpetually stuck in fast-forward mode with almost no chance to look back and reflect. I need more than a few hours to recover and clear my mind, but there’s never more than an hour or two here or there to rest up. Here are just a few of the “blog point” notes I have, waiting for the chance to be developed:

  • funerals & regrets
  • first day of classes
  • mothers
  • daughters
  • spiritual warfare and matters of the heart
  • growing older
  • grace
  • moving on – loving what is but missing what was
  • introversion
  • worshiping idols
  • return & remove – making space for God

Maybe I should treat this blog like Twitter – microbursts of microposts giving microscopic insights into a larger picture when pieced all together. I’ll try to get some of this out of my head and on to “paper” soon!