What would I do if I didn’t teach?

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A random search this morning for a cool place to meet up with a friend led to a query on the local newspaper’s Facebook page that sparked a train of thought and a comment by an old friend that made me realize the answer to that question. I’d run an independent bookstore!

It would be totally cool to have a niche sort of place with a section for children’s books, a cafe where people could meet together and share ideas, cozy communication spaces or larger meeting areas, have guest authors come in to speak, etc. There would be a resident cat or maybe a corgi. We would host book clubs, children’s activities, and maybe even set up a tutoring center/storefront in the vein of http://826la.org/.

Why not?

A year or two ago, I told one of my grad students that she should take some time to dream about what she wanted to do… to visualize what her ideal working situation would be… Maybe it’s MY turn to take my own advice!